St. Louis, Missouri

Inducted 2014

MOHPA Vice-President
2004 - 2008

Roys pitching history began when he was eight years old in his birth state of Michigan in 1946. He finally received his first set of horseshoes four years later in 1950. After high school and then college, graduating as a mechanical engineer, he worked several jobs before moving to Missouri in 1970 where he began serious pitching. He pitched in his first league in 1975. He later joined the Golden Triangle HC in 1985 and participated in his first sanctioned horseshoe league where he placed first in a mixed league for four years running. Despite running a successful manufacturing company, raising three boys and nurturing several grandchildren Roy has been able to manage and keep active in the horseshoe association.

Roy pitched in his first state championship tournament in 1990 and has missed only one event in 24 years. He has placed first in his singles class twice, 1990 and 1992, and finished in the top three multiple times. He began traveling to the World tournament in 1993 and has not missed a year since. He won first place in 1994 and has finished five times in the top six of his classes.

In addition to being a professional engineer and manager, he is an accomplished musician, playing the steel guitar and banjo, a championship bowler and an experienced recreational boater, Roys career has spanned the full gamut of horseshoe endeavors at the NHPA, State and local club activities. It is through these varied activities that Roy has earned his place in MOHPA horseshoe history.

National achievements:

Since 1996 he has volunteered for scorekeeping, judging and support tasks during each of the World tournaments he has attended.

He refurbished all the manual scoreboards in 2005 which were used in all WTs until they were replaced with electronic scoring.

Roy received the NHPA Achievement Award in 2005.

In 2006 he designed, manufactured and donated to the NHPA a universal bridge tool for measuring difficult horseshoe placements. This device, in its classic R (for Roy) design, is used at the World tournament and by clubs and events throughout the United States.

Also in 2006, the Director of the NHPA Game Related sales died unexpectedly. Roy was asked to take a serious look at the operation and consider taking over this retail sales venture which generates revenue for the NHPA. Later that year, along with several volunteers from the New Melle HC, the entire operation and inventory was moved to Roys garage. He had to develop sales plans, shipping and inventory control procedures, identify product sources and establish all the financial aspects of rebuilding a poorly managed and undocumented business. This operation took up permanent residence in Roys garage until it was moved to Quail Ridge in the new NHPA HOF and Museum building. During the next three years Roy, Suzanne and two other couples volunteered to restore the viability and reliability of Game related sales. During this period Roy and Suzanne transported, set up booths and sold merchandise at two World tournaments, three State tournaments, three State fairs and at local, high visibility horseshoe venues. Game related sales took on a life of its own and became a full time job during this slow, painful reestablishment.

In 2007 he was a key member of the NHPA committee to rewrite the horseshoe rule book as a representative for Missouri.

He currently manufactures and supplies pick-up hooks and hooker measurement devises for the National Game Related Sales organization.

State Achievements:

Performed scorekeeping and judging duties during all state tournaments since 1993.

MOHPA Vice President 2004-2008. Supporting the MOHPA through tournament sales, state tournament activities and NHPA representation.

Roy received the state Presidential Award in 2004 and 2007

He attended meetings with county officials, NHPA officers and others in the planning and building of the Hall of Fame and Museum.

He worked diligently with Quail Ridge HC and NHPA officers to establish ground rules for maintenance and use of the new facilities.

In 2012 he assisted The Pits HC in setting up computerized horseshoe scoring as used in the World tournament.

During 2012-13 he supported the MOHPA state tournament with class leader board displays and computer technical support.

Local/Club Achievements:

From 1992-2002 Roy was active with scorekeeping and judging with the New Melle HC at all their sponsored events. He was a five time tournament director and was league statistician from 2004-2009. As statistician, Roy developed many computer programs to assist his efforts and to provide statistical information to the participating pitchers.

Roy was club Vice President from 2006-2009 during the period when the New Melle HC was preparing to move from their old club to the new HOF building and reestablishing as the Quail Ridge HC. During this period he designed, built and donated all metal horseshoe pegs and pit frames for the 16 indoor courts at the HOF facility.

He has sponsored a local team for the NHPA National Club/Team tournament since its beginning in 2001 to the present.

Roys long term participation with the MOHPA has far surpassed the contributions many pitchers make over the 29 years he has been a member. He has pitched in well over 250 tournaments in15 states but like many, never pitched in a Championship class in our state tournament. He has however, made a reputation within our sport that warrants his recognition as an MOHPA Hall of Fame member.