Shelbina, Missouri

Inducted 2017

Russell currently resides in Shelbina, MO, along with his wife Karen. They have 3 children. Russ a very much a family man and spends as much time with his grand children as possible. He retired from the United States Post office as Post Master in Marshall in 2005.

Other than pitching horseshoes, Russ is an avid Cardinals fan and enjoys coon hunting and trains his dogs to tree those coons! Russ served in the United States Navy and participates in his local American Legion Post, carrying the Colors in local parades.

He has served as a member of the MOHPA Hall of Fame Committee since 2010.

Russ was one of the 4 charter members, along with Tom Ebers, Bill King and John Thomas in constructing and organizing the Marshall HS Club in 1987. After moving to Shelbina from Marshall, Russ organized the Shelbina Library Park Horseshoe Club in 1992. Currently, Shelbina Library Park HS Club is the only MOHPA sanctioned club in NE Missouri. Russell was also the secretary/treasurer for the Slater Horseshoe club in 1985 and 1986.

Russ has recruited over 60 new members to the MOHPA including more than 10 junior pitchers. He has always been about “fairness for all caliber of pitchers to compete”.

Russell set up and ran 2 day sanctioned singles tournaments in Shelbina between 1994-1999. He has also organized and run one day round robin walking doubles events in communities such as Shelbyville, Clarence and Hunnwell in NE Missouri for over 20 years. He is currently lending his computer and singles league expertise to the newly formed “Brick City Show Me Horseshoe Club” in Mexico. Their inaugral year was 2013, playing a handicapped singles league with the hopes the league will be a sanctioned club soon. He is currently in the process of working with the Centralia Parks and Recreation department to install pits in their park.

On behalf of the Shelbina Library Horseshoe League, Russ has been around to accepted it's 10th, 20th and 25th year sanctioned club recognition plaques from the NHPA.

Russell was a proponent for playing 50 shoe count-all games with a 90% handicap off of a top cap/base going back to his days with the Slater club, even before the NHPA adopted that type of league play. He even set up his own computer program for league play to record wins/losses, scoring, ringers, average points and handicap for his singles league well before Horseshoe Master was created. Russell is a stickler for detail. In all the courts he as helped get installed, he has insisted they have blue clay for the playing surface.