Hillsboro, Missouri

Inducted 2000

Harvey is not one of the great pitchers of our time, but what he lacks in pitching ability he more than makes up in promoting ability. Harvey has been a member of the NHPA since 1987.

During that time he has spent countless hours promoting the sport of horseshoes in Missouri, Illinois and throughout the United States. He holds membership in six different clubs and has pitched in six leagues each year since 1988.

Harvey has been the owner of Six Pac Horseshoes since 1992. He has donated horseshoes, money and other items consistantly through all the years. He has sponsored the annual Six-Pac Invitational since the first one was held in 1993, donating over $28,000 in prize money. He also sponsors both Missouri and Illinois teams to the Team World Tournament in Beloit, Wisconsin.

Harvey has helped many horseshoe pitchers obtain a good pair of horseshoes, sometimes adjusting the price to a level they can afford.

Harvey Wobbe promotes horseshoes every where he goes, all day long, every day. Harvey's presence on the courts makes the day better, because he is a NICE GUY.