HOF Standard Operating Procedures

1. Records (Adopted September 2006)
A. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be authorized to review and dispose of non-historical association records after closeout of the most recent year records and each year thereafter. Non-historical records shall include cancelled checks and bank statements over seven (7) years old and any other financial records or miscellaneous receipts not required for tax purposes, historical reference or documentation of association activity.
2. Hall of Fame Committee
A. The Hall of Fame (HOF) shall be composed of eight members including the Chairperson, all of whom are appointed by the President, with the advisement of the MOHPA officers and the HOF Chairperson. The State Statistician shall be a non-voting adviser to the Chairperson, who will ensure nominee statistics and personal data are complete and up to date upon nomination and prior to the annual voting process. The Chairperson and Committee members are volunteers and serve at the convenience of the President for five year term limits. Members can be reappointed for multiple terms.
B. All Committee members must have current membership in both the MOHPA and NHPA. All committee members must inform the chairman of any changes in their mailing address, phone number or e-mail address. Committee members should retain all materials that would be useful to the next committee member and should be prepared to forward those materials to their replacement when stepping down from the committee.
C. The HOF Chairperson will be responsible for the acceptance and maintenance of all HOF nominee documents, assure the documents are complete and current and be responsible for the distribution of nomination documents to all HOF Committee members in a timely manner.
D. The HOF Chairperson will insure he/she maintains a master file of all HOF nominees. The completeness of the nominee files shall be verified with each committee member upon approval of this procedure and at the beginning of each term of a new chairperson.
E. The HOF Chairperson will utilize a mail in, fax or Email ballot during the voting/selection process. The Chairperson should not have detailed discussions about specific nominees with any of the committee members, except for clarification of information contained within the nomination form. This will allow all nominees to be adequately evaluated without any outside bias, thereby assuring a fair and equitable opportunity for induction in the HOF. The annual voting will be completed not later than August 1 to allow for processing and notification of the successful nominee/s. A maximum of two inductees may be selected each year. Extraordinary circumstances will be considered by a vote of the MOHPA officers for more than two inductees.
F. The chairperson shall report the results of the annual selection meeting to the MOHPA President within one week after the conclusion of the balloting and prior to the formal notification of any inductee.
G. The Chairperson shall coordinate procurement of the applicable award/s with the MOHPA Secretary/Treasurer for reimbursement of expenses.
H. The Chairperson shall attempt to have a meeting each year during the State Championship tournament weekend. This meeting will be used to discuss selection procedures and the currency of the evaluation process. The MOHPA President will attend this meeting when his/her schedule permits. The Chairperson will be responsible for developing a limited meeting agenda.
I. When a committee member is replaced, it will be the responsibility of the Chairperson to transfer the nomination files from the person being replaced, after verifying the completeness of the files, to the new member. The Chairperson should provide adequate orientation to the new committee member to insure he/she is aware of their duties and responsibilities and understands the selection process.
J. Nomination Requirements – Each nominee should have been an active NHPA/MOHPA adult member for at least 10 years. There are three categories of eligibility. Each of these categories is listed below with recommended items which should be addressed during the completion of the nomination form.
K. Prior to annual voting, the deadline for submission of nominees will be June 1st.
L. Ballots will contain 5 lines per category, with point values of 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 respectively. Committee members may vote for as many as 5 candidates in each category ranking, but are not obligated to fill all 5 lines on the ballot if they feel there are not 5 worthy candidates listed in a given category. Only one name can be entered per point value. A candidate must receive at least 20% of the total points to be considered elected on the first ballot. If a 20% majority is not received on the first ballot, a second ballot will be transmitted to the committee removing any nominee not receiving any vote and election will be based on the most votes in each category.
M. The chairman has the right to remove a nominee from the list of nominees if that candidate has not received any votes for three consecutive years. The chairman will prepare and mail letter to the person who submitted the original nomination, giving that person a chance to update the nomination. If an update is not submitted prior to the nomination deadline for the following year, that person will be removed from the ballot.
N. Committee members must abstain from voting when their own name or that of a family member has been placed in nomination.
a. Player Category
i. List information on any NHPA or MO State pitching records such as high ringer percentage games, longest consecutive string of ringers, high tournament percentage, etc.. ii. List nominee’s important tournament wins in MO or other states, along with tournament averages if known. iii. List any State titles with year and averages pitched for nominee. iv. List any outstanding World Tournament performances for nominee.
b.Promoter/Organizer Category
i. List any tournaments nominee has organized and their specific location or ii. List any outstanding publicity obtained by nominee for our sport. iii. List number of horseshoe clubs the nominee helped to organize along with their location. iv. List any Club, State or National office/s the nominee has held. v. Give total years the nominee has worked to promote our sport. vi. List any other qualifications you think make the nominee worthy of consideration.
c. Player/Organizer Category
i. Some persons have achieved a degree of excellence in both categories. It becomes difficult to place them in just one category. ii. List any information pertinent to your candidate from both of the above categories.
NOTE: Junior boys and girls are excluded because of the brief time spent in junior activity. If that person continues on to an adult pitching career, the junior performance can also be included in their record of achievements.
Upon selection, the inductee/s will be notified by the HOF Chairperson of their selection within a short period of time after voting has been complete.