Independence, Missouri

Inducted 2016

State Tournament Performance: (30Ft Men Championship Class)

2006    8th place    1-6    41.8%    (30ft Men)
2007    8th place    0-7    46.0%    (30ft Men)
2008    8th place    0-7    46.5%    (30ft Men)
2009    8th place    0-7    50.5%    (30ft Men)
2011    8th place    0-7    50.0%    (30ft Men)
2012    7th place    2-5    58.0%    (30ft Men)
2013    8th place    2-5    56.9%    (30ft Men)

State Tournament Performance: (Doubles Class)

2007    7th place    3-4    43.9%    (Doubles)

Member of MOHPA since 1982 and is a member of the Independence Horseshoe Club, serving various officer positions through the years.

He has visited Blue Springs High School to teach the PE classes on how to pitch horseshoes and set up tournaments.

Since 2008 Al has been a big contributor and organizer for the Special Olympics at the Independence Courts.

Al has been involved in promoting ´┐ŻCorporate Challenge´┐Ż for horseshoe pitching at the Independence Courts.

In 2007, Al took the helm and worked with area horseshoe clubs in bidding for and hosting the State Tournament at McCoy Park.

As a pitcher in the Independence club, he has been Grand Champion 4 times and runner-up numerous times. Al has pitched in most State Tournaments since 1991, winning his class in 1991, 1997 and 2000. Al has also pitched in multiple World Tournaments since 1986. In the 1998 World Tournament in Nebraska he won 1st in his class.

Many of you know all the work behind the scenes that it takes to keep courts up and make sure equipment makes it out for all the pitchers. Alvin is one of those that is always there to help make whatever is needed happens at the Independence Courts, whether it is organizing others or doing it himself.